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with world languages

Fearless Foreign Language is for anyone setting foot in the Spanish, French or German classroom for the first time. 

You got this!

Learn how to LEARN another language. It's easy, fast and fun!

🔴 Need a fast, fun and easy way to learn new vocabulary?

🟡 How can a first timer to language learning grasp kooky new grammar?

🟢 Looking to improve your confidence in the foreign language classroom?

I will show you how! 🙋🏻‍♀️ I slay Foreign Language Anxiety.


Fell asleep diagramming sentences in Language Arts? No worries! Grammar in ANY language is like tossing together building blocks. It can be fun!


Rote memorization of new words is sooo last Tuesday. Let's put an end to mindless mimicking. Learn your vocab in a way that makes sense to YOU.

La La La 

Making sometimes silly sounds yet being understood is an amazing thing (Do we even watch online videos?) Speak up. We LOVE to hear you!

Author, Margaret Hayes, MAEd

About the Author

Margaret "Señora" Hayes, MAEd

If it's related to world languages, I've been there, done that. Taught myself Italian, German and Russian; learned Spanish as a Rotary International exchange student in Mexico; spent a summer learning Dutch in the Netherlands; took middle school, high school and advanced, college level French. In addition to traveling, I enjoy reading, working out, sipping coffee with friends, and consuming mass quantities of Mexican food.

I am proud to have successfully taught high school Spanish to classes composed mostly of students with special learning challenges. Learn how my students easily and quickly picked another language up and how I can help YOU do the same!



Teachers/Tutors: Don't You Deserve More Time to Yourself? 

FFL is fantastic for world language teachers!

Spend less time introducing language study skills to your classes and more time diving right into the language itself.

Spend less time on lesson plans.

Get students into the right mindset to learn another language, right off the bat.

Introduce basic yet innovative language learning techniques with students at their level of maturity and cognition.

Share some fun ways to introduce grammar and vocab to your year one classes.

Best of all? Increase your students’ chances of success!

FFL complements Comprehensible Input, TPR, Direct Method, or any framework you may use to structure your 2L pedagogy.

Which World Language Got Your Back?

This short, chill quiz will help you decide which major world language is best suited for you. Rock 'n Roller? Fashionista? Life of the party? There's a language for you.


• I feel so socially awkward as it is.

  • Everyone is socially awkward speaking a language they don’t know fluently – and fluency takes many years of study! Trust me; for once, your awkwardness won’t stand out. Doesn’t that sound amazing?
  • • Um, hello? Google Translate!

  • Um, hello? Google Calculator! Apple Music!
  • • Like I’d ever use it.

    You use it all the time, cowboy. Ever ask for a taco or burrito? Ever driven down a cul-de-sac? Feel schadenfreude when the opposing team loses? Congratulations. You speak another language.

    • I don’t even like English.

    English is an amazing language. Dig: "...on occasion, English has pursued other languages down alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary." -James Nicoll.

    Say what?

    I have a learning disability.

    There is nothing sadder to me than a student like you who is excused from world language learning. In my experience, students who struggle to learn sometimes do A M A Z I N G in Spanish, French or German. Or any other language they want to pick up. Why would you deny yourself the chance to really excel at something? 

    Who would I even speak it with?

    The great thing is, it's the 21st century. You can communicate with whomever you want! Choose a language your siblings don't speak, say funny things to them you learned in class, and watch them go, "HUH?" But why stop there? Impress the world with your awesome new talent!

    • Don’t need it to graduate.

    Just because someone at your school decided not to make another language a requirement to graduate doesn't mean you would not benefit enormously, now and years from now, in taking one for at least a year or two. It's more fun than getting yelled at in shop class or poking your fingers with needles in Home Ec.

    • I don’t like having fun in class.

    In fact, Spanish, French or German could very well be the one class you'll take in Junior or Senior High that's incredibly FUN! We laughed every day in my classes. Students went on to major in languages instead of what they'd originally decided on. Don't let FOMO get to you. Take a language and enjoy school, for a change!



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