Get That Grammar Unstuck

Easily locate online help with concepts your child has trouble grasping

Who: You and your student

What: Locating free or low cost online help for grammar concepts she or he isn’t getting

When: As soon as possible

Where: Anywhere with Internet access

Why: Poor internalizing of new grammar now leads to problems later when it builds upon itself.

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What to do:

  • Ascertain where your child is on the syllabus. (You’re keeping up with it, right?)
  • Briefly discuss which aspect of the learning is causing a struggle. It will be something like, “ser/estar,” “irregular past participles,” or “when to use the subjunctive.”
  • Ask your child’s teacher (You have their email address, right?) for any suggested resources you can recommend to your child.
  • Have your child ask a classroom friend or partner to explain it to him, if possible.
  • While you wait for responses, type the name of the language + the specific grammar issue into a YouTube search engine. For example, "French + imperative" or "German + word order." Watch a video with your child and see whether it helps.
  • If he is still puzzled, check in with one of my verified language experts on Instagram.
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