Dear Parents, Guardians, and Friends of a World Language Student:

It is such an honor to have you as a visitor to this site! Your task raising a young one isn't easy. My goal is to be of some assistance where their language instruction is concerned.

Please note that I use "Foreign" and "World" interchangeably, where languages are concerned. I suppose old lexical habits die hard - we only ever called them "foreign languages" as long as I can remember - but I do prefer the inclusivity of denoting them as "world languages." Whichever term you prefer, let's get down to work!

In order to get the best resources to you, consider where your child is on his or her language journey? 

Where is your child on his language journey?

  • It's a ways off still!

If your child has yet to set foot in the Spanish, French or German classroom, may I suggest "One Weird Trick" that will help lay the foundation for excellence?

Simply sign up here for your family's FREE copy of "One Weird Trick" for Success in the Foreign Language Classroom -- ideal for the period before formal language study has begun.

  • We're counting down the moments until the first bell rings!

Exciting! At this stage, I recommend you work directly with your child’s teacher to give your student every chance for success in the world languages classroom. These posts will also benefit you and your child along your journey:

In it are ways to help lessen your child’s anxiety towards entering the foreign language classroom. Concepts such as learning weird grammar are covered, and vocab learning is made less onerous.

Second language acquisition is a constantly changing discipline. Regardless of any fancy teaching fads that may come and go, it is now, and will always be, my goal to inculcate in students a love of languages. If you have any tips, tricks or techniques you’d like to share with a broader audience, I’d love to hear from you. Please click on the Contact form or email me at margaret at

My best to you and yours!