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Thank you for considering Fearless Foreign Language for your TV, radio, blog, podcast or conference.

Some background about my mission:

Fearless Foreign Language is dedicated to conquering Foreign Language Anxiety (FLA), an actual thing that affects approximately 30% of any given students who enter the Spanish, French or German classroom for the first time.

Being afflicted with FLA does not mean the student will not do well. I myself was pretty unnerved when I was "forced" to take my first language, French, but within only a week or two I was speeding ahead in the textbook and helping my classmates with their assignments.

Doing poorly in the languages classroom, however, does NOT mean that the student lacks intelligence. Some of the smartest people you or I know often struggle there.

My mission with Fearless Foreign Language, the book as well as the website, is to help young learners get comfortable and competent in kicking off their language studies. With confidence in their language abilities, they increase their chances for success in high school, college and career.

I'll never forget one set of parents who approached me on Meet the Teacher night my first year teaching Spanish. One student's mother asked me for something, anything, to help get her son ready for class, due to begin in a few short days. All I could offer in response was, "Uhh... well... You wanna take a, uh, textbook home?" 

This brief conversation has stuck with me, as well as the experiences I had teaching students afflicted with ADHD and Aspergers. Ultimately I found myself inspired to prepare a universal language learning guide for young "n00bs" who fear their first major foreign language experience. Heck, any student of any age can benefit:

  • I show them how to prepare to study a language ahead of time as well as how to succeed once already in the classroom. 
  • I show them how unfamiliar, "weird" grammar is nothing more than blocks and patterns.
  • I give them individualized shortcuts to learn vocabulary quickly and easily. 
  • I help take away some of the embarrassment of speaking up in another language.

Backed by research, and written with a slightly edgy sense of humor paired with caring and reassurance, Fearless Foreign Language convinces teens to have fun with Spanish, French or German, and that they have the keys to success at their fingertips!

-Margaret "Señora" Hayes, MAEd


Topics for discussion include the following. Hint: Starred items are among the most popular requests!

  • How to interest children in world languages (and why!)
  • How to homeschool your child(ren) in a language
  • How to help your children with their language homework (when you don't even speak it!)
  • How learning a language can help your child with standardized testing (especially the SAT or ACT)
  • Which among the most commonly taught languages is best for any given child to study?
  • Should children with ADHD and/or Aspergers take a language? Why or why not?
  • How to best prepare your child to enter the world languages classroom 

Please reach out to me with a minimum two weeks' lead time.

Thank you for your interest in helping spread the word about Fearless Foreign Language!

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