Must-Have Resources for the New School Year

In partnership with your child's world languages teacher, create a folder or online file of resources for the upcoming language journey.

Who: Your child, the teacher, and you

What: Create a folder or file in your device of helpful classroom resources

When: During “Meet The Teacher” or “Open House,” Day, preferably, before the school year even begins. The first day of school is fine, too.

Where: Meet in person, or virtually with teacher

Why: Peace of mind later on if anything gets too tricky for your student.

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What to do:

  • Make and keep a copy of your child’s language syllabus. (Don't forget to return the original to him or her!)
  • Ensure your child’s teacher’s name and contact information (email and school phone number) are provided on the syllabus; if not, politely request it.
  • Ask the instructor which textbooks, if any, will be used in class. Ask if you can borrow a copy to keep at home. If that's not possible, consider going online and purchasing a copy.
  • You may wish to purchase a language dictionary, but check first; there may already be a Translate app on your student's cell phone. 
  • See if he or she has a list of songs, videos, and other resources used during classes to enrich or enhance students' learning experience. Play the audio from time to time at home!
  • Ask whether students are partnered up as part of the learning process during class or for homework. If so, obtain the contact information for your student’s partner(s) once they’re selected. If not, ask whether the teacher knows of any students at an advanced level who would be willing to be a resource for any help your child may need throughout the year.
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Your massively unfair advantage in the world language classroom starts right here, right now.